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Literature.  Toronto,  21/10/2017

Mireia Calafell and Eduard Márquez at Toronto’s 38th International Festival of Authors

This year, the Catalan poet Mireia Calafell will join Toronto's International Festival of Authors (IFOA), showcasing her work at two events with the support of Institut Ramon Llull. The Catalan author Eduard Márquez will also participate at IFOA, joining Calafell for the reading Around the World.
Visual Arts.  Boston,  19/10/2017

Culture, Technology, and Society Collide: Big Bang Data at MIT Museum

The data we generate on our phones, sensors, social networks, photographs, and purchases can be stored and processed to reveal patterns. But what are they for? And who uses them? Big Bang Data explores social and technological innovation in the face of today's political, economic, and cultural challenges. 
Visual Arts.  Chicago,  06/10/2017

The Invisible Street Photographer of Barcelona Comes to Chicago

The Catalan photographer Lluís Ripoll has captured the streets of Barcelona in Chicago's Rangefinder Gallery at Tamarkin Camera.
Cinema.  New York,  30/09/2017

Laura Ferrés and Xavier Marrades at the New York Film Festival

The New York Film Festival will screen two non-fiction shorts by the Catalan directors Laura Ferrés and Xavier Marrades, who will present Los desheredados  and Cucli, respectively.  
Cinema.  Boston,  29/09/2017

Documentary La Chana at the Boston Latino International Film Festival

She was one of the greatest stars in the flamenco world, captivating audiences worldwide with her innovative style and breathtaking use of rhythm in the 1960s and 1970s. LA CHANA brings us close to the heart and mind of La Chana, the self-taught Gypsy dancer, Antonia Santiago Amador, as she returns to the stage to give a final seated performance after a break of two decades.
Visual Arts.  Stanford University,  25/09/2017

Jordi Falgàs's Course on Miró and Dalí at Stanford University

The course Peripheral Dreams: The Art and Literature of Miró, Dalí, and Other Surrealists in Catalonia spans from the artists' origins to their cultural context in Catalonia at the time, focusing on their manifestations' environment and reception. The course will also feature surrealist artists and writers, such as J.V. Foix and the Logicofobistes, as well as photography and ...
Cinema.  New York,  24/09/2017

Pau Faus at Impunging Impunity Film Festival

The sixth edition of the Impunging Impunity Film Festival (IIFF) in New York City will feature the documentary film Ada for Mayor, directed by Pau Faus. In the film, an activist decides to run for mayor in Barcelona. The screening will be followed by a brunch discussion with the director. 
Cinema.  Montreal,  24/09/2017

Segon Origen Screening at FIL Montreal

The Catalan film Segon Origen will screen at Montreal's Festival International de la Littérature on September 24 as part of the Lisez l'Europe program, which is presenting several film adaptations of major contemporary novels from Europe. 
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